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Positive Psychology and its influence on Happiness

Positive Psychology and its influence on Happiness

Some traits to remember in making positive change

Recently, I had the honor of listening to some simple but powerful words from renowned Harvard author and lecturer, Tal Ben-Shahar , who spoke on The Mind and Happiness in Positive Psychology.

His speech was very relevant to my work as a life and career coach so I have decided to share a summary from the talk including his summary on the difference between regular psychology and positive psychology. The former area is about finding out what’s wrong with you while the latter is about focusing on what works in your life and emphasizing those positive attributes.

According to Ben Shahar, a fair amount of research points out some common factors in finding more happiness in life - still understanding that there are challenges - and l will share the key highlights from his thought-provoking lecture, which included sharing some character traits of happier people.  They include:

1) Setting goals - gives one a sense of purpose - helps you focus on achievement.

2) Grounded optimism - be grounded in reality but optimistic about what change you can bring to your life

3) Importance of role models or mentors – that can include reading biographies of leaders who triumphed over adversity

4) Strength-Focused - know what you are good at and bringing that out in your work and life

And, interestingly enough,

5) Being physically active – this raises levels of well-being and calms one’s mind.  He spoke to the fact that 30 minutes 3 times a week is enough to make that difference in how you feel.

I will add to this list – the power of mindfulness, which includes 15 minutes a day of meditation/breath that can change brain patterns and make you less distracted and more focused.

Something to keep in mind is that none of this is too difficult to start implementing in your own life. With the help of a plan and maybe even a life and career coach (did I just say that:)J you can be well on your way to experiencing more contentment in your daily life.

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