Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Meet a Mindfulness Maven whose own personal wake-up call changed her life and career direction

Kate Kerr has always been strongly self-directed – as a senior, savvy marketing and branding executive in her career past - but, today, she has a more peaceful and powerful purpose – to bring mindfulness based stress reduction to the stress-filled work environment most of us are part of every day.
It was her own personal wake-up call that changed both her life and career direction and we spoke about this in the recent 

 Life and Career Coaching Moment:

The importance of this story is significant

 Her personal history and mindfulness message needs to be heard as it can benefit many others who heed the message of stress reduction and more mindful living. Recently, she spoke to medical teams and patients at Trillium Health Partners as well as the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario) and her upcoming talk: ‘Reboot: How to turn adversity into advantage’ will be taking place at Creating Space Yoga Studio Creative Space Yoga Studio in Oakville on October 28th and soon to be announced other venues.
Her biz title, Wake Up Kate, is apropos: It's a mindful but strong motivational call to wake up the weary, technologically-connected but sometimes socially-disconnected and stressful workplace. You can find out more about her message and its' different formats in stress management and mental resilience at wakeupkate.com

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