Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Re-committing to your daily goals

Re-committing to commitment

February blahs. Yes, we all have them. Whether it is labeled as seasonal affective disorder or simply the lack of sunshine, there is a lack of energy in the air. The beginning of March is not quite spring and a lot of us are craving warmth and sunshine and feeling down because of it.

So, having said that, what are some ways we can tackle the mental and physical fatigue? Let's start with sharing some concrete suggestions from some wise people:
1) A recommendation from my yoga teacher AxelMolema https://www.facebook.com/axel.molema?fref=ts
2) Some words of gung-ho wisdom from leadership expert +Robin Sharma

Taking yoga has always helped me feel stronger in mind and body and I am fortunate to have one class where shared wisdom from wise mentors is a strong component of the teaching.  In my Friday Hatha class a few weeks ago, my long-standing instructor, Axel Molema, shared a mantra with the participants that helped me re-focus my tired energy. For those who might have heard the term 'mantra' but are not sure of its meaning, one definition is: A mantra is a word or sound that serves as a focal point for certain types of meditation. In certain religious groups, a mantra is used to achieve spiritual transformation. And, in repeating a certain phrase you often feel it or become it. His mantra in our class meditation that day was 'Re-commit to commitment' and its simple push to emphasize your commitment to what you need to do somehow gave me renewed energy to focus on my upcoming goals. I have been doing it most days since that class and woke up early this morning to say it and begin my day with strong focus on the tasks ahead.

Another example of renewed inspiration comes from the vlogs of +Robin Sharma for 2013. His book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is one of my favorites and its impact and emphasis on daily rituals are still with me today and affect the life and career coaching work I do with my clients. In a recent video talk for making 2013 your best year ever, he gave some excellent tips, including starting your day off early so you can exercise and focus on what's ahead in a quiet, progressive way. He melds spirituality with practical common sense and does it in a way that is relatable and inspiring. You can visit his site for more great ideas on making this a kick-ass year www.robinsharma.com

In a nutshell, getting re-focused is not brain science but it does take some willpower to make small, certain steps that take you in the direction you need to go. So, you now have a website to visit and a new mantra to start - here's to making the beginning of March a more focused and energized one for you. I leave you with a short meditation anyone can do: 

Wishing you continued life and career success!


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